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The Mens Groom Shaving Oil for that wet shave. A superb blend of specific soothing, nourishing and moisturising oils to help the razor pass over effortlessly leaving your skin soft and razor burn free.Directions:  Scoop a small portion into clean hands and work into a lather adding a bit of water if necessary apply & to area massage to soften and prep skin for shaving. Proceed with your shave. Rinse and cleanse your freshly shaved skin and moisturise.Ingredients: SHEA BUTTER  (Vitellaria paradoxa), CACAO BUTTER (Theobroma oil), CASTOR OIL (Ricinus communis) AVOCADO OIL (Persea americana), OLIVE OIL, (Olea europaea),COCONUT OIL, (Cocos nucifera), BENTONITE CLAY, (Montmorillonite)SANDALWOOD (Santalum album) ESSENTIAL OIL, VITAMIN E (Alpha-tocopherol), & GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT (Citrus paradisi).

Mens’Groom Pre-Shaving Cream

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