A great way to accessorise and protect your face and hair. Our Afrocentric Headwraps measure 722 x 22” and will cover your whole head, and you can secure your wrap with a knot, bow, wrap knot or turban twist.

Option: Why not add another mask in the same design as a spare or for your partner a matching his and hers mask.

✅ Reusable cotton Face Mask

✅ Fits comfortably from bridge of nose to under the chin (more coverage of vulnerable areas i.e. Mouth & Nose).

✅ Integrated flexible support for the bridge of your nose to custom-fit the top of your mask to your face, (making it more effective, less likely to slip off, less likely to fog your glasses, and more comfortable to wear).

✅ An adjustable brown toggle (no ill-fitting ear loops).

✅ Brown elastic (for a discreet and aesthetic look).

✅ Each mask supplied with 3 PM25 Filters (available from Ebay or Amazon).

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