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All of our Products are Vegan & Organic.



Shop for Pure Organic Vegan Skincare

Why Choose Organic Beauty and Skincare Products.  Our skin is more than an outer covering; it is the main defence against external injury. It is a living, breathing organ, the largest in the body. Much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body. In addition to organic ingredients, we have chosen cold pressed oils and unrefined butters which are less processed so really boost the nutritional value of our skincare. By choosing organic skincare, your products are likely to contain less synthetic and chemical ingredients and higher levels of natural ingredients.


Shop for Mineral Make-Up

Our blends are 100% Vegan we only use certified safe organic ingredients free from make-up nasties like talc, paraben and mineral oil,so you can rest assured that our Mineral foundations are free from comedogenic ingredients like silicones your MakeUp foundation will feel weightless and won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. We believe in feeding the skin so we’ve packed each blend with skin-caring goodies:  antioxidant milk thistle extract protects against UV damage, anti-ageing amino acids, allantoin, magnesium and calcium, zinc to repair damaged skin, and grapeseed extract to protect collagen and elastin from damage. 


Shop for HeadWraps, Masks and Face Coverings

A great way to accessorise and protect your face and hair.


Our Afrocentric Headwraps measure 72"  x  22” and will cover your whole head, and you can secure your wrap with a knot, bow, wrap knot or turban twist.

Option: Why not add another mask in the same design as a spare or for your partner a matching his and hers mask.


Technical Specs

✅ Reusable cotton Face Mask

✅ Fits comfortably from bridge of nose to under the chin (more coverage of vulnerable areas i.e. Mouth & Nose).

✅ Integrated flexible support for the bridge of your nose to custom-fit the top of your mask to your face, (making it more effective, less likely to slip off, less likely to fog your glasses, and more comfortable to wear).

✅ An adjustable brown toggles (no ill-fitting ear loops).

✅ Each mask supplied with 3 PM25 Filters (available from Ebay or Amazon).


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