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Facial Oils sometimes referred to as serums are great for adding some much-needed moisture in the skin, as well as for applying regularly to usual problem areas such as directly on frown and smile lines, around the eyes, or when your skin just needs a little extra care.

Our Facial Oil serums are completely natural and made from ingredients that can be understood and pronounced, meaning no chemicals or other harmful ingredients should be in your facial serum. 

Our Facial Oil serums are blended from many different types of essential oils such as sandalwood,  lavender, frankincense or geranium depending on your skin type and condition, these beneficial essential oils are added to a carrier oil or base oil such as jojoba, marula or maracuja and hemp.


Not to mention our Eczema range which uses Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Black Seed Oils. It truly is your choice what type of oil works best on your skin, since each of our skin make ups is different.

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